1967 already short hair, turn ups on Lee's , I only wore Lee's and Tassle loafers from the Ivy shop,
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  • I knew it des, you must of been around same year as me, went skinhead, wasn't gonna turn fkin hippy like the rest of em. Hey a nice skin bird on yer arm, she's a bit tasty mate, bet ya had a few of the lads sniffin round er lol, like the photo.

  • When i think back to '81' we all wore fred p's 501,s and desert boots coz none of us had any money to buy suits. so no matter what era you came from finances played a big part in what you wore. second hand 3 button tonic jackets were available now and then. We had no good hearted public schoolboys to furnish us with clobber:-(

  • Andrew

    Dont know why I picked Lee's but I did it I think to be a bit different or perhaps they were a bit cheaper than Levi's but have stuck to them ever since, I really like them, good weight and they take a turnup well, for a while it was almost impossible to find them and I used to buy 2 or 3 pairs when I could, still buying them now strangely enough  a pair next week on the cards.

  • Ex wife............ definately Mod, at 15.

  • Your right, god knows where it was, it wasn't that body I was trying to show off was it ?

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