My old Rally from 74, sold it many years ago after Irestored to my old colours and lost touch with it, never appeared at any shows, BUT walking into Allstyle scooters in Portsmough yesterday morning and there it is, almost as mint as when I restored it, apparantly the guy I sold it to kept it in his collectio without riding it, full Mallossi 210 + my engine tweeks !! Gary at Allstyle may offer me a deal to buy it back and px one of the Small frames I am rebuilding into Polini race replica, who know I may have it back
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  • Cheers mate, this Malossi 210 motor went very well after porting, I guess it going to cost me a lot more than the 'bag of sand; I sold it for !!  Gary syas it possibly the cleanest Rally Electronic about at the moment, looking at it he has looked after it but the Jag lights were missing , but Gary says he has them and they could come with the bike .

  • PS is it a 'delspeed' special?

  • Bloody lovely derek!!! Well Done...........:-)

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