Pre- gig Guiness

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  • Very good Kai, that was probably the reason why the run out started an hour early ha ha. I was not at the at the TM where he was on the decks, but according to a few people who are his friends it sadly went down like a lead balloon.
  • HA-HA-HA nice one! He die a nice enough set at McChuills this year though the Sunday. Or did it make people leave the place in dozens on their scooters...!? :-D
  • No, i was only kidding mate, i don't know the guy too much. I did hear that they have changed his name to the magician after his DJ stint at Tailor Made; he made everyone on the dance floor disappear ha ha
  • Oh. I take it you're not best mates then, haha!
  • I will leave that one out then ha ha
  • Robert Kelly from Glasgow will come over next time.
  • Will certainly go back again Kai and would love to go to the Linz weekender.
  • Yes, you told me about Kaiserslautern once. If you're planning to come back let me know ( anyway, Cologne really close to Linz... ;-) )
  • We were in Germany around eleven years ago Kai. First Kaiserslautern to visit a friend, then Frankfurt, and then Heidelberg and Cologne. Really enjoyed it.
  • It is served in very tiny glasses, though... when have you been to Cologne, Chris?
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