Photo of my Dad ( Frank) Micky Collins 1964 in Vauxhall South London on Vespa Gs 150

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  • Smart, sleek and sophisticated - both your Dad and the scooter...
  • Very cool photo Mark.
  • There are a number of original mods on here, including Mickey Tenner, Mickey Modern and myself who used to go to The Scene. It opened in 1963 and the house bands included The Animals and The High Numbers (The Who). Everyone played there including the blues greats like Sonny Boy Williamson and Jimmy Reed. It was a stones throw from The Flamingo, so Georgie Fame , Chris Farlowe and other acts would come over during the evening. The resident dj was Guy Stevens who was involved with the Sue Label. Pete Meadon was involved with The Who and talent spotters from Ready Steady Go, would pop down during the week to check on the latest fashions and give out tickets to gueast dancers for the following Friday's show. It was situated in a small alleyway called Ham Yard, off soho Gt. Windmill Street. Small basement club, very sweaty and packed, everyone seemed to know everyone. Your dad would have got to know a lot of faces there, as between acts when the band went off, everyone used to go upstairs onto the crammed courtyard and check each other out!! Don't know much about Vauxhall, but we used to go to a small club there called The Patmore. Cant really remeber it, seemed more like a kind of youth club. I think Roger Daltrey came over and opened up a music rehearsal studio nearby? Great times, I'm sure your dad would have enjoyed those days. Whenever there's talk of the early mod 60's era, you can bet The Scene is at the top of the list, for a mention.
    Regarding the beret, I will try to find a photo which shows some riders on Vespa GS's wearing same berets (we all had them) outside Lewins the mod outfitters in Tower Bridge Road, South London, at that time. Take care.
  • Hello mate. Thanks for your comments. I’d love to have a chat with my dad but sadly he died 13 years ago. I’ve always wanted to know the name of the beret he’s wearing. I’m sure years ago he called it a Bakers beret, still trying to find out ? I’m sure one of the clubs he went to in soho was called The Scene Club around 63/64. We all come from Vauxhall, Heyford Ave, where the old sarsons vinegar factory was. What a time to be in the mod scene 63/66 !!!!
  • Great photo. I had a beret type hat like that during 64. The two great Vespa shops near Vauxhall in that year were Supreme Autos nearby on Kennington Road, run by two Italians (what a surprise). Charlie? and brother. The other was Pride & Clarkes on the Stockwell Road. Mention them to your Dad, I'm sure he will remember them. In those days you could take in an old tape recorder or radio etc. to P&C as part payment towards your GS!!! Of course the rest was on the "never never", what we call hire purchase or credit these days. Thanks for the photo, it took me right back, if you have an more keep 'em coming.
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