away of life

away of life
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  • That's very interesting mate good to know, yeah I have a few 80's casuals T shirts some nice gear. Thanks for the info mate cheers. Rob
  • A collaboration between 80's Casuals Clothing and The Goldhawks S.C. [Liverpool]. Left to right, Peter, John and me. The scooter's are Glens L.I. 150, Peter's G.P. 200, Johns Spanish L.I. series 2 and my Vespa 50 Special [125].

    It wasn't our idea to call the T'shirt "A way of life" it was their's. We wanted it to be called "Scooter Awaydays" because it was based on the original cover of the "Awaydays" but with scooters. We was still made up anyway. The first batch of the T'shirts sold out in three weeks. Not bad eh.   

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