Brighton pier, Andy, Ralph and Drummy.

Brighton pier, Andy, Ralph and Drummy.
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  • Perfect picture ;)

  • Ralph, if i rode down i'd be stuck in the scooter riding position for the whole weekend m8. And thats no joke, ive got an option of one....LOL :-)

  • John you fancy driving your scooter down to Brighton be my guest,,,ive rode my lambrettas all over Britain (rallys to Great Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.Cork e,t,c,, and europe most of my life including a not so wee trip to Milan,,,these days for a trip to Brighton its the more relaxed approach for me, to be honest most folk at this years Brighton weekender never bothered taking a scooter at all..whether ridden or by van.

  • Sounds like the roar of transit vans might block out the sound of 2 stroke engines....:-)  LOL

  • See yous doon there lads,av no got as much of a mission but i won't be takin the scooter,bog standard LI,would take me a week to get there ,ha ha

  • Funny you should say that were taking 5 scoots a van and a scooter trailer this year. But if it wasnt for that damned athritis we'd be scootering down...Honest.  LOl :-)

  • Aboot 10 hours,,,a van with 3 scoots in the back is reasonably fast !!!!

  • Rab, years ago one of our club drove a 50 special from airdie to brighton! He left 3 days before everyone else and just made it. No S--T

  • P.S how was the ride from Glasgow to Brighton????

  • Great pic ralph. JP

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