Die Queen

Die Queen
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  • Technical things often get worse when getting old but not men...or do they? :-) (My man is the same age). The orange is not the original lacqueur so I think about a new classical colour. But the orange has a nice patina and due to this and the colour she looks special. I think I will discuss possibilities with the mechanic.... WHat about your plans for a scooter????

  • The next saved money will be spent on a beauty program. I want the queen put into every single part and rebuild new with new coat of lacquer. She is an ohld lady (built 1971) and the owner before me did nothing but the motor is very well. After things that needed she will get a mod beauty treatment. But this takes time and a lot of money..... But that is my next project :-) Next year on 01st May the scooter season in Berlin will be heralded and the new queen and I are cruising as a member of the Clyde Valley Scooter Club. The only one in Berlin I think :-)

  • Excellent.....now push for a scooter....go for it!!!

  • Dont i know it, the stars are aligning.........:-)

  • Kai's getting the bug again Bettina.....Nice.......:-)

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