RIP Henry Storch

The german Mod World  (and beyond) is absolutely shocked today to learn about the death of Henry Storch, top DJ (regularly co- DJing with Eddie Piller, among others), owner of Unique Records and (in the nineties) of the now legendary Unique Club.

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  • Yes. A true key figure on the German scene and I'm glad to have known him from the beginning. Met for the first time in the bus to a now legendary club night in 1985. Something I'd long since forgotten but Henry still remembered as we talked recently.
  • Sad though it undoubtedly is Kai, you will always have those precious memories of great times to remember him by. The record label will always be associated with him too im sure.
  • Very sad Kai, never nice to hear of a "Mod brothers" passing :-(
  • Yep. Only three weeks ago we had a chat at the Sonics gig in Düsseldorf. Our Mod community will sorely miss him. Many good Personal memories as well. Unique Records will turn 30 this year. Sadly without the Boss.
  • Yeah I have definitely heard of the Frank Popp Ensemble Kai. Will be a sad time for you having known the guy for more than three decades. Its no age at all really.
  • I'm sure you heard of 'Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans' by the Frank Popp Ensemble, the biggest commercial success for his label, Chris. He was about my age; known each other since 1985...
  • Never knew of the guy Kai but always sorry to hear of someone passing away who was known to people on the site. What age was he ?
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