The benefits of a US M51 parka

A jaunt to the shops in below zero temperatures and driving snow is far easier in the comfort of a really warm parka.

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  • Weather's gone completely crazy here; -8°C and lots of fresh snow yesterday morning; +13°C and blue skies today!
  • The face is definitely pink! Nice mean and cold look there Chris, ha, ha. Our water pipes have just started to thaw, so now we can stop using the lakes to wash and scrub up ;0)
  • A friend of mine is in London right now and he sent some pics. I've never seen Piccadilly Circus covered in snow before!
  • It should be a strong wind, although a string wind sounds better ha ha
  • No way Kai, the cap is sand coloured. Nothing against those who like pink but alongside orange it is my least favourite colour. We now have about three feet of snow outside the front door but temperature wise it is a mere -4 so not as bad as you guys in Germany. There is a string wind too right enough so that is making it feel colder than the temperature says.
  • Is it my monitor or is that cap a shade of pink, Chris!? ;-) Bleedin' awful -8°C here, too, but no snow to speak of, thankfully!
  • Tbh its the first time in maybe eight years that we have had a harsh winter mate. All the trains and buses in Glasgow were off by around 4pm. It looks amazing and its fine if you are properly dressed for it, but it is a pest if people are looking to travel.
  • You guys sure do suffer up there, when the snow comes, that`s for sure Chris :-(
  • Yeah most certainly required today Al. There is at least two feet of snow up here and it is not showing any signs of letting up.
  • Sensible outerwear, when facing the beast of the east Chris ;-)
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