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Front page from a time when music was exciting.
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  • They are -roughly- my age indeed.
  • All kidding aside i genuinely wish i could get as excited by contempory music as you guys. You are probably (ok definitely) the youngest Mr A, so you get a few more years of listening to the Spitfires ha ha
  • ... And I'm officially retired! Make of that as you wish. Ha, ha
  • Hard to believe judging by my looks, but as far as I know I'm the youngest, hahs...
  • We surely can't be that far behind you Chris ;0)
  • It must be great getting to your ages and still being excited ha ha
  • Very... er... colourful, indeed! Yes, I'm with Gary; music is still exciting, maybe the age of interesting acts is higher in average than it used to be...
  • More like music from a time when we were young(er), ha, ha. Music is always exciting, especially when it's good and you've not heard it before. There will always be good music to discover... I couldn't even begin to imagine a world without good music, all being a matter of taste of course. ;0)
  • I can sense some envy Mr A ha na
  • Crazy boating blazer... :-)
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