Early Mod revival days

Advert in Smash Hits from the summer of 1979.
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  • I loved those wee sweets, could have eaten them all night Gary. It is amazing to look back and everything looks really cheap in comparison to now. When I first started working on one of Thatchers youth schemes in Nov 1980 I am sure the weekly wage was £21.50. Not a lot of spare when the dig money was taken from it. A couple of months prior to that I had started getting into the Mod thing, the only issue was that I never had the money to change all my gear at once so had to do it in stages.
  • £3.25! Including p&p You would struggle to get a decent pin badge for that today. 1979: Brutus Trimfit, SS shirt £4.99, a pair of Brutus, Ice White Nevapress £9.99 from John Walton Menswear. A pair of loafers off the local market trader around the corner, a fiver! Not forgetting the evergreen white towelling socks (I think I've still got a couple of pairs, unused back at my mums) £1.99 for a pack of 10.... Those were the good old days, 20 black jacks and fruit salads for a penny ;0)
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