You can run but you cannot hide Mr Ahland

The imperialist past of one of the MG members has been uncovered. In his dark past he colonised large parts of Canada, bringing the native people under his influence. Even today they are named after him in certain areas ha ha
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  • Good to hear, Duane!
  • Yea, I'm good. Missed ya all.
  • Haha, thought so Duane! Alright? Haven't seen you round here for a while... ;-)
  • LOL. Kai. I got a Tipi actually. lol.
  • He may know some of your tribe ha ha
  • In front of my Tipi, you mean. MPMoD Duane will surely lend me a carving knife! ;-)
  • I just hope you have one of those totem poles at the front of your house Kai ha ha
  • HAHAHA yeah, to this day they ask themselves "why, Kai!"
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