Me on the amazing TV .

Big thanks to the gentleman and orignal Mod from Wimbledon who let me sit on his gem of a scooter for a snap.
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  • Cheers H, certainly agree with the latter part ha ha
  • Great picture and scooter
  • They have went totally nuts Al. I have seen SX 200s going for 10k so it is a pity you did not get one for £3.5 thousand. That in itself is mad as it sounds as if we are talking monopoly money and not the real stuff. My two scooters to die for (not litreally) have always been the Vespa GS 160 and the Lambretta TV/GT 200 but i dont think i could ever justify the cost unless a lottery win arrives. I do have a cracker of a classic Vespa so i have to consider myself pretty lucky.
  • Or at least gave you it for £1500 Chris Ha-ha. Scooter prices have gone banana`s, don`t you think?? It was only about 4 years ago when I could have had my Brother-in-laws SX 200 for about £3,500 and that had a full restoration using as many if not all original parts :-(
  • I was seriously thinking about it Al, but sadly it was a costly few days and I did not have a spare £15,000 with me. It is the same age as me so i think he should just have gave me it as a gift ha ha
  • Suits you well Chris, did you not make him an offer for it??
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