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  • PS I just checked Gary and that CD is called " LOOKING GOOD mod club classics . It's got the best version of Wade in The Water by Little Sonny I've heard in a long time.
  • Ha Ha what was it the hippies used to say ?" Far Out !"
  • "A symphony in midnight blue mohair" brilliant quote and another good recommendation. And even weirder still dude my midnight blue suit is out on the ironing board awaiting alteration by the Mrs!   

  • Weird shit man that Sue Story CD is actually playing as we speak in our shop !! I had the original LPs back in the day. Another album I'm fond off is " Mod Club Classics - A symphony in midnight blue mohair "
  • I would also recommend the compilations by Ace Records: The UK Sue Label Story, The World Of Guy Stevens. Comes with excellent in-depth liner notes on the man and label.


  • Ive never been one for soul music but the Sue record label delivered some good RnB as you all know

  • It's been seen before but he's always worth remembering. An important figure in not only the evolution of mod but British music as a whole!
    He is the man who almost single handedly brought rare American R&B and soul into the soundtrack of modernism . He is Guy Stevens who had the most amazing record collection and was resident DJ at The Scene Club. He kept his records in a big wooden box which he sat on to play and occasionally fell asleep on . He eventually launched an influential record label "Sue" You'd be surprised just how many mod favourites are only played because he introduced them . Like Pete Meaden he had a short and varied career and again died young .
    Charly Records has just brought out a cd in tribute to The Scene and Guy Stevens.
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