PE 200 from old Vespa book

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  • Same here Gary, i have driven autos ( but never owned one) Lambrettas (yet again never owned one) and geared Vespa's.(have owned three) I have also had loads of shots of Choppers, Tomahawks (remember them) and all sorts of other bikes as well as owning a few too. As you say it is definitely the people that make the scene what it is Gary, hopefully we will meet up some time and share a few beers and stories.
  • I have ridden and love 'em all Chris, vintage, classic, auto, Raleigh Chopper... It matters not the vintage to me, more the calibre of the person who's sat on them. Over the years I've met and corresponded with a fair amount of good uns', yourself included mate ;0)
  • Not sure at all what the original marketing idea was behind the PX/PE Kai but i would imagine they must have saw a massive audience here for them once the revival took hold in late 79. I never went to a rally on any of my Vespa's tbh Gary, but they would certainly have been okay reliability wise. Same applied to my mates, most of the one's who had lammies went down on the back of the Vespa owners' scooters so you have a fair point. I can certainly see why you woulld want the auto Vespa for its reliability over a long distance as well as its speed. I only go out on mine in decent weather plus never go far outside the city so a vintage scooter with all the looks is fine for my restricted useage.
  • I don't think I ever did a scooter run there and back again on a Lambretta without a breakdown. Then having to get a backie on a Vespa to get home… Oh the shame of it, ha ha. Seriously though, I do remember the pull and acceleration of the Mrs PX150 along with the reliability being the main factor in my choice of the Vespa GTV250, on my return to the fold. I'd never admit it but I am now quite partial to a fat arse these days… It must be an age thing ;0)
  • Is it true that the PX series was initially planned exclusively for the german market?
  • I think it was all to do with what was available back in the day Gary. Up here it was mostly Vespa's although there was still a few Lambretta's around. There was certainly a lot of PE 200's and like the 200 Rally they were pretty fast only more reliable. I always liked both Vespa and Lambretta but was more inclined towards the former. Maybe that was to do with the amount of hassle i saw my Lambretta owning mates go through with breakdowns.
  • I didn't spot 'the lack of indicators' Chris. A superb look and duly noted. I never saw a P 200 E myself personally Chris, loads of Vespa 150's. But then again I was a dyed in the wool Lambretta man back in the day, mostly girls (no offence) rode them round our way at the time so they didn't hold any interest to me at the time. The SX or GP was the male scooter of choice with the LI coming in at a poor third. Youngsters eh! They know nowt ;0)
  • Yeah pretty neat mate. That was cut out of a Vespa book i got in 1981 although the booklet could have been older. It also featured the PX 125 and 150. Note the lack of indicators.
  • I love the signature keyhole silhouette that says Vespa no matter the era.
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