Steve "Pete Quaife" Hughes- Mod Icon!

Don't know if this one's been featured here before? This shows the man in his later years back on his own original SS180 which he owned from 1965 and used to use between gigs. Extremely tasteful clobber, too!
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  • If it is Stevie Hughes he must have popped over for a short break from his estate in Bermuda.
  • Could I have been misinformed? I have also compared the image with pictures of PQ and I found the resemblance striking... And a lot of the older boys do keep looking unexplainably fine still. Steve, did you fool me? Are you the real PQ? About the clobber: alright, no brown after six, but I still find this to be very appropriate for Tom Wolfe's noonday underground. :-)
  • I would say that it may be Pete Quaife aside from the guy on SS is possibly too old have been around as a youth in the mid 60s. Not sure who it is but he looks like the sort that would be found selling second hand motors ha ha
  • Isn't that Steve Hughes?
  • An SS180 and tasteful clobber Fingers but I believe that's our very own Stevie Hughes of the Mod generation ;0)
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