Glasgow Mod Weekender 2017

Photo from the finale at Blackfriars last night. A fantastic weekend as ever and great to meet up with Kai and Lord Sinclair plus the two fine ladies who accompanied them. Also met Scott McLeod from the site who is also a gent. Roll on next year, it will probably take until then for my liver to recover.
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  • Mrs A was very fond of your friendly self, Chris, and of course I was told off for not being able to pay our tickets... I can only hope some day you'll come to Linz so I can return the favour! No Need to mention Mrs A made real Friends with Lord and Lady Sinclair, despite the language barrier... What the heck; was too loud for friendly banter most of the time anyway... ;-)
  • Well it was great to meet up with your missus Kai. I realised her English was as good as my German so I could not communicate with her too well. I must have pressed a button and accidentally deleted your last reply so apologies for that.
  • Totally agree great night, great people, great music, lovely to have a chat with Chris Cameron, as always, also to meet some folk for the first time, Julie and me love coming up to Glasgow, also nice to see Scott Mcleod and his lovely missus again. Last but by no means least, a pleasure to meet Fadime Ahland, the lovely wife of Kai, who was a nice lady with a great sense of humour :-)
  • I hope she does not read your posts otherwise you are in trouble mate. Great to speak with yourself again Kai and I glad to hear that the rest of the Glesga punters were as welcoming as ever. Agree about Blackfriars, always my favourite night.
  • ...and... ssshhh... Mrs A. is not supposed to know that I was accompanied by a fine young Lady!!!
  • Blackfriars was the best of the three nights, Chris!!! Brilliant weekend all round! Once again I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and hospitality of you Glesga Folks! ;-)
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