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  • yeah Link Wray he was the business !!

  • Yeah I kind of get the idea you were the real thing if you used the Fender equipment and played loud...mind you as you would know a lot of it was session musicians who played on the recordings. I suppose you have to get that pop from the amps the drip drip water sound that separates the bands from the Shadows and sixties rock and roll instrumental bands... saying that I like a lot of that too! Link Wray obviously influenced surf and the Ventures were extremely good, first to use the fuzztone ...

  • Neither Surf nor Mod but I still loved his stuff Link Wray
  • You're right there mate. We're the Chantays kosher ? I always liked pipeline as a tune .
  • Yeah I have seen that link , only saw it a few weeks back after looking at a recommended listening write up somewhere , thinks it's in Kent Crowley's book "Surf Beat" . We know Dick Dale was a legitimate surfer but not all the surf bands contained a real surfer. I class Beach Boys more as music about surfing rather than a surf band but I think Dennis was the only one to actually surf a little and I hear that was only in an attempt to pull the birds. Dick Dale was a keen martial artist too.

  • If you really like instrumental surf music and haven't seen it before You Tube Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan doing " Pipeline "
  • Apparently whilst in LA he tried unsuccessfully to ride the waves . My observation is based on a comment from Townsend when asked if they were all mods he said " you're joking that was publicity , Keith's a surfer for f**ks sake "
    Still nice to see the plaque eh?
  • My favourite music is surf rock (instro) , I knew Keith Moon had a taste for surf music after his contribution to the "Ready Steady Who" e.p ....Didn't realise he actually surfed

  • I know he wasn't a mod ( a surfer would you believe ?!) but it's nice to see " my generation " is remembered !
    It's on the wall of the old club . Check it out .
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