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  • Nothing can Trump being associated with her Kai, unless its Pol Pots, Hitlers, Stalins, Reagans, or Trumps children ha ha
  • Uhhh... what does that make me? Son of Kohl? Yuk, hahaha!
  • You speak for yourself Mr D, the idea of that cow being my maw sends shivers down my spine ha ha
  • When the originals were a distant forgotten memory and not even a footnote in the history books. Boom! Along comes Thatchers children to set it all alight again and still going strong 38 years on ;0)
  • I will have a wee read at it again Kai as i cannot remember off hand. It may well be him as the big hits for the Police were still to come then.
  • I know the film, I know the bands, who is the Star? Not Sting, I hope, hahaha!
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