JP's New Scooter!

Californian GS.
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  • Thanx Alan!!
  • That is a very nice scooter mate!!
  • Got the edition you speak of mate,and ure right 2 top scoots!!
  • John
    If I remember correctly there were a couple of Cushman GS150's in Scootering about 2 years ago. Both of them were top GS scooters.
  • Cheers peter mate!
  • off the hook jp !!
  • off the hook jp!!
  • Funny thing,coz aldo says the very same!! Great to have friends eh??  LOL
  • Tis a thing of beauty mate,if you ever get bored of it gissa shout .ha ha
  • Liz, ure a diamond...Cheers
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