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  • It was the same here too Kai. Some people actually thought that standing around in expensive gear like a tailors dummy was cool. Not sure how much they enjoyed themselves but i don't think many people thought it was cool despite the clothes being neat.
  • There used to be a time when a lot of people confused arrogance with smartmess. Thankfully these days are over... :-)
  • It certainly looks like everyone is having a ball mate. It is always good company that makes a night, having great music plays a large part too right enough but if the company is not so hot even the music does not make up for the lack of laughs and banter.
  • The scene is really relaxed, friendly and open to newcomers; Saturday once more was like a big family gathering. Only with a family you chose yourself, hahaha!
  • Totally agree Kai. Standing around looking stern should be reserved for funerals. Life is for living especially when we frequent clubs playing such brilliant music.
  • Haha the german Mod scene isn't for those whose idea of being smart is standing in the corner making stern faces. Thankfully the Glasgow scene isn't, either... :-)
  • Looks like my sort of night mate.
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