December 1984

Piccy a bit blurred and so is my memory; me on the left, just back from my first trip to London.

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  • Tbh by 1984 the furthest I had travelled was to Scarborough. (82&83) It took me until 1986 to venture outside this land of hope and tories.
  • The furthest we did on them was about 80 km to a certain Club night... traveling to London back then of course was commonly by train- boat- train, so not really quick either... :-D
  • I remember a mate saying when they all went down to Scarborough in 1981 a girl turned up on a Vespa 50 special. The mad thing is that she made it there and back although not exactly quickly.
  • 50 cc, so no Autobahn, Chris; and early December, mind; nearly froze me b*llocks off, ha ha!
  • That was a helluva trip on a vintage scooter Kai, well done to you ha ha
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