Mod Girls Up to No Good!

Mod Girls Up to No Good!
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  • stealin' the sign are we?

  • Having the class and sense not to refer mod girls as a derivative of mod has nothing to do with holding on to the past.

    If you had called a girl in Glasgow a modette back in the 80's you would have got a slap in the face at the very least.

  • Stephen, you may be correct about the term "Modette" coming into common useage during the Mod Revival of the late 1970's. Like John, the Mod Revival was my era and therefore I can't say for certain what happened in the 60's as I wasn't there to experience it first hand. However, if you look at the trend in popular music during the early 60's in the USA and in particular Motown, for groups to put "ette" on the end of their names and adopted by the mod fraternity in the UK as cool, you can easily see where it comes from. For example, The Ronettes and The Marvelettes etc! As for sexism, I think it was simply a thing of the time and back then it was not regarded as sexist but rather an acknowledgement of the fact that there were differences between men and women and each had there role to play in society. So do you adapt Mod principles with the times, as we did in the 1st Revival and as the name would imply, or do you literally hold on to the past like the Bible and run the risk of watching the scene die with those who created it? Discuss!

  • Well i guess its down to personal opinion! That thing we spawn of the revival hold so dear!!  :-)

  • Yes, it does -  the term is naff and a little sexist.

  • And that makes it wrong?????

  • Nice Stephen says Mod Girls....beleive the term Modettes arrived in the 79 Mod Revival.

  • Hope them modettes were replacing that sign, and not knicking it!!   :-)

  • In the Mod world they are know as Mod girls or just Mods - not 'ettes'

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