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  • Ruby arrived safely, well chuffed. My 340 FG was¬†favourite for a while (just to have one after being discontinued), but had that little extra oomph! Now I just go by mood and colour! 'Family' portrait above is a bit out of date now.

  • Another one? Wow, congrats! I've only got one Rick - a fireglo 340. Great instruments!

  • Thanks Kevin, New 330 'Ruby' arrives tomorrow!

  • That's a nice Rickenbacker collection!

  • Cheers, glad you like it. Everyone has their 'thing' and I guess there are worse 'vices' out there. I don't have any of those 'normal' kids like most folks, otherwise I'd be lucky to afford just one good guitar!! (Respect to all 'real' parents out there)

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