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  • thats true kai, unfontunately there seems to be a rise of neo nazi fan groups throughout europe, i was nt just singling out german teams.

    i was thinking more about hamburg who visited my team quite a few years ago and displayed lots of neo nazi banners, we all have idiots who attach to football clubs or movements.

  • Fair enough Mike but I wouldn't want John Barrowman or Graham Norton as my club's chairman.
  • Hi Jim please don't use the word "queer". Mod is a movement that's for all people who share a common interest and everyone should be made to feel welcome.

  • St. Pauli has ACDC Hellsbells as team run out and is definitely against racism and facism (they engage in campaigns against racism). They have fans of punks, rocker, mods, business men/women - ervery age. They also have fans who are idiots but not more thank every other team.  Actually the play inthe 2nd league and became more and more popular since they get up to the 1st league in 2009/2010. I am not happy with such populrity but I have ever been St. Pauli fan and can't give it up and to be honest, I like football and I don't want to give it up because it is for a lot of people just in.

  • To each their, got to admit I really admire their politics. Any fans who promote an anti racism and anti Nazi stance are alright by me. Unlike certain other german teams.
    Like I said I could be wrong about mod/skin fans maybe bettina can clear it up.
  • Don't know about having mod and skin fans but they do have a large heavy metal following. And their chairman is a crossdressing queer. They play ACDC as the teams run out.
  • im sure i ve seen pics with a large group of saint pauli fans looking very smart at games

  • i could be wrong but do st pauli have a lot of mod / skinhead fans.

  • Ok, so it`s turning into a football fan site is it????

  • This is my favourite football club.

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