French Scooterists '58

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  • That is amazing on a few counts Gary. Firstly that was some jaunt full stop, but to do it two up and the passenger being over six foot is incredible. I did not mind taking people on my scooter (even although i never had a full license) but i did not like being on the back so much. Maybe to do with lack of control. Fair play to the people of Doncaster. If the truth be told it would have taken all of half an hour to be stolen up here in the early 80s so Its good to see that everywhere was not full of thieving barstewards.
  • A priceless snap, I've yet to see a copy of it anywhere else so fair play to Terry on the originality of his photos.
    Backies, ha, ha! A skill in itself Chris. I rode a 400+ miles round trip with a 6'+ mate on the back of my Lammy to Scarborough, summer of 1980. I had his knees all up around ears and my chest pressed into the steering head all the way there and halfway back until we ran into the back of another scooter, buckled the front forks and wobbled all the way into Doncaster bus station. It was like a scene from Laurel&Hardy, left the scoot in the bus station. We jumped a train back home and believe it or not, when I returned a couple of weeks later with a van to pick my scooter up, an original mint, 1971 Innocenti GP150, it was still there and all in one piece including the wheels! Respect to Doncaster eh!
  • Totally agree with you Gary. The photo also reminds me of how close to the leg shields you have to go when giving someone a backie. The snap, like the others is really neat.
  • Thanks Chris. Courtesy of the rhythmshaker.tumblr. Poetry in motion, you can almost smell the two stroke ;0)
    There's a cracking image of two young mods on a scooter from the Terry Rawlings "Mod: A Very British Phenomenon" book (pgs 152-53) that always sums up, for me, the continued free spirit of being a mod... regardless of time, era or age.
  • Some great images here Gary.
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