1984 (I reckon...)

Me in the brown-ish suit on the right, practicing some cool moves... note the extremely cool interieur of the "venue", ha ha ha!

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  • Thanks Motown. Not sure if I mentioned this, but the best of my 80s pics got lost when a so-called friend pissed off to Berlin with them, never to be seen again.
  • A picture that could qualify easily for any 80s mod book. I love it.
  • ... and if you do unearth some 60s gem somewhere, it's usually some 36" chest,, absolutely useless, hahaha! Back then there was lots of good 2nd Hand Shops in Essen, one even 4 floors or something in an old Krupp building; suede jackets, 3 button suits, 60s macs... everything!
  • All kidding aside the suit looked really neat Kai. We had a few places to go where it was not uncommon to unearth some really good original 60s gear. In saying that we usually had to plough through a lot of rubbish first.
  • Yeah more than 30 years ahead of our time, haha!
  • Even tailored from the same fabric, Chris, haha! Oh, original 60s suits were still so easy to obtain back then, and what's more; I actually fitted into them, HA HA!
  • Great photo from a great time Kai. It is always a sign of a top Mod who can match his suit with the curtains in the club ha ha
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