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  • I certainly do remember the mattresses and all those strange items on the walls - car radiators and headlights! It was complete dump in all honesty but I loved the place. Top pic is the Flamingo when Solomon Burke was joined on stage by Dusty to help out with 'Everybody Needs Somebody to Love' a great night and an abiding memory.
    Never went to Last Chance. Only in Tiles a couple of times - not really impressed - strange layout! Also patronized The Marquee often - then there were other clubs visited on occasion like the London Cavern round at Notre Dame Hall and a little further afield the new All Star Club ( wonder if there was ever an old one?)
  • Le Discoteque, eh John? Do you remember those old matresses they had uppstairs along the walls? What was that all about, haha. Don't mention Mark Feld though, I think he preferred to be more famous. Can't be many clubs in Soho where you went upstairs rather than downstairs to get in. Mind you, saying that, The Whisky A Go Go was upstairs, come to think of it. Managed to see Big John Patton there once, spent a lot of time talking to him in the break, great Hammond player. Felt a bit sad, when he said I probably had more of his records than he had himself, wish I had kept them! Didn't do Tiles Club much, sometimes in the lunch times, as I worked closeby. Preferred The Last Chance club, on Oxford Street, as it was then. Great mod photos John, nearly cut mysef looking at the sharp creases on those trousers....Keep em coming.
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