Barraloadasoul was a one of a kind event held at the famous Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. The event brought the old ballroom back to life as a dance venue and was put together by Stephen Liddle of Somethins Kookin radio show. Filming was undertaken by AfroMic Productions.

As everybody will know, Emma Rosa Dias and AfroMic productions have already made some superb documentaries on the mod scene, which are a far more accurate reflection of the scene than anything that has appeared on tv. This is despite the limited budget AfroMic have had available as an independant company. With the backing of Somethins Kookin for Barraloadasoul there is a notable boost in the production value of this documentary..

The first part of the documentary explores the Barrowlands ballroom itself which is an iconic venue in the East End of Glasgow and has been the setting for many a mod night over the years, although nothing on the scale of Barraloadasoul. The quality of the camerawork throughout the documentary is excellent and the dark wooden interior of the ballroom has never looked so good or atmospheric.

Another particular aspect of all the AfroMic mod documentaries is the great choice of interview subjects, old and young, to tell the story. I know that Emma always puts a lot of preparation work into this and ensures the people she talks to are fully involved in the scene and can reflect on aspects of it. There is never those cringe-worthy moments you get on tv when your watching a mod documentary and they talk to the most ridiculous looking individual as the programme maker has no idea what an actually mod looks like.

In the build up to the event there is a large scooter gathering outside, which is an amazing sight to behold, and the atmosphere on the night is brilliantly captured in panning shots of the massive, crowded dancefloor, cut to totally pumped up djs and Stephen Liddle clutching walky talky and no doubt relecting on a magnificent night.

Barraloadasoul is now available from Amazon. Go and get it now and relive this historic night in Glasgow.

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