Being a 15 year old Mod

Recently on this very site I have been reading peoples post who are of a similar age to me complaining about how there is a lack of mods there age near where they live.

when reading these I could completely understand where they were coming from as I only have two friends who are into the scene. I can even consider my self lucky as many of these poor guys were the only mods they knew of and were desperately seeking out  a scene.

Now the thing I am addressing is the lack of subculture in the  teenagers of today, I have many theories on this one being that in a teenagers point of view they are not needed any more!

Mod was a way of escaping from the grey and boring world of adult life, using music and style to stand out from the crowd but alas that is apparently not needed any more as seemingly in todays world teens have youth life served to them on a plate with pop music being one of the worlds biggest industry's and multiple high street shops catering to the many needs of the modern teen. No wonder then that there is a lack of imagination in todays youth and no need to stand out from the crowd as there is nothing to protest against....

or so we think! As we know history has a habit of repeating itself, and it occurred to me that being the rebellious teens we are we become tired of the norm and realise that we don't want society tailored to our needs. we  could reform back to youth culture as an escape from this just as those early modernist did from post war Britain.

so I tell you now don't worry about it as we might have a whole new wave of  subculture coming right our way! and I bet you some from of Mod will be one of them!


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  • abosolutely agree paloma and kai but kai my parents were never part of a subculture so im safe XD
  • 20 year old Mod here and probably one of the ones you heard complaining about the lack of Mods in my area! To me the problem seems to be not so much that kids aren't interested in subculture- just about every teenage 'vintage blogger' on Tumblr calls themself a Mod- but more that the people I know just can't be arsed to do the things that being a member of a subculture entails. Sure, they can blog about it, but they can't make the effort to wear anything more stylish than a hoodie and jeans, and they don't explore what 'Mod music' is beyond "My Generation". It's annoying, yeah, but hopefully a few of them will make the jump from being Tumblr "Mods" to full-time Mods. If they do, we'll have another real Mod revival!
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