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Look, I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a Mod, see? Jimmy's quote from Quadrophenia.  Everyone seems to stick to the same brands of clothing, Barracuta, Fred Perry, Merc and now Pretty Green. There are MODS out there that cannot afford the top brands. I'm 43 have a mortgage and a car and only work part time. Why are people criticizing mods, just because they cannot afford the top brands I have an M65 parka, couldn't afford the 51, i have a Ben Sherman Harrington, cant afford Barracuta. It seems to me that you cannot be poor and be a MOD. If you love the scene, the scooters , the music  your a mod in my eyes. I don't care if you don't have the top brands.  EBAY can be helpful, but you'll probably be mocked for wearing second hand goods, even if they are practically new. Its the same for scooters, I'm a mod and i don't have a scooter. I'm happy to admit it. What some Mods out there don't realize is, to have a really decent scooter you need to spend at least £2000 just for scooter, by the time you have lights and mirrors and paint job if you want, its £3000. For me there are two things that say Mod. The scooter and the parka. Yes you have the music as well, but if your on scooter or wearing parka people know instantly your a mod.Many cannot afford the scooter, so get a really decent parka, save up and buy a M51, if you can, Or like me the M65. This is mine and i'm proud to wear it and proud to be a POOR MOD.

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  • Mod was a subculture that came about from the lower classes as material wealth became more accessible after the war. In other words, you could buy classier clothes at a much cheaper price. If you wear the clothes with care and attention, in unison to great effect, you're a mod. it doesn't matter where the clothes come from. Put it this way, you could buy a designer-branded full tracksuit for over £100, or a button down shirt, jacket, trousers, and knitted tie, from Primark for £50 all together. Mod is all about making yourself look as if you rise above everyone else in terms of wealth and quality of life, when in fact its all a facade, just like how the original mods used it to appear to rise above lower class London.
  • i dont understand i bought a REAL m51 parka and i only get 5 pounds a week :D
  • Thanks Devon!
  • Nicely put Paloma Alcala - spot on.
  • I'm a university student and I work part-time making pizzas, which means I don't ever have a lot of money. However, I think I dress pretty well- it's the plus side of the fact that mainstream clothing brands seem to be going through a "Mod" trend at the moment! (The downside is that whenever I see a cute girl in desert boots and a parka, 10 times out of 10 she's just a hipster, haha.) With a few alterations and modifications- changing buttons, taking in shirts so they fit me better, etc. I have clothes that look great and stand out from the sea of hoodie-and-jeans-wearing students I go to class with. I don't care about brand names or about 100% flawlessly accurate representation of a vintage look, I just want to look my best- and my entire wardrobe costs a fraction of the price of any one item from Pretty Green ;)
  • To Tim Millward. I need the car for work. And a proper M51 can be over £300. And i had to sell alot of my things to afford parka. I only earn £120 a week.
  • Also the two things I don't understand are firstly you can afford a car but not a scooter and secondly the M65 is more expensive than the M51!
  • Mods about the image and how good your clothes look. No one gets in to being a Mod to wear a dirty green parka. As long as you look so sharp it cuts to look, who care what your parka looks like, how much it cost, where it came from or if it m51 65 or other. All about looking a million bucks, not having a million bucks.

  • Hi your always better off with a few quality items than with having more poor quality items in these days of internet shopping means we can all shop smart and compare prices .Personally haven't wore a parka for 25 years but seen m51 replicas for 510 nicker on ebay that look right on for that money
  • Original mods came from working class backgrounds,they didnt have bank accounts & credit cards.there was no looking down on people as now.It was never about fashion it was about style.So FUCK the new breed!
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