Ben Sherman Sizing.

Following on from my previous post, one of the things that we get asked about regularly at Scoots, Suits and Boots is the sizing on Ben Sherman shirts etc., so here goes and I hope that it is helpfull.


Their are two types of shirts that carry the Ben Sherman brand, the casual range that you will usually see alongside the polo and tee-shirts. These are the gingham checks etc. that you will see on our website and other sites that cater for mods, skinheads, scooterists etc. In addition we also carry the formal range, these are more tailored, usually long sleeved and go well with suits and blazers.

The casual range comes in no less than three different sizing options.

1/ Soho Fit. These are really slim fitting shirts, and look great on those that have not succumbed to the increased girth brought on by too many pies and beers at rallies up and down the country.

2/ Mod Fit. This is the REGULAR fit, but is also quite fitted. It does look really good but I would say that if you are at the top end of a size range, that its best to go up a size. As an example Medium in most mens shirts is 38″-40″. I am a 40″ so I opt for the Large rather than the Medium and its spot on.

3/ Union Fit. This is described as a more comfortable fit, whatever that means. In my opinion its the fit that is more in line with what you would expect, thats to say I would, and do, opt for a Medium in this fit. It looks good and is a bit more forgiving on my middle age spread.

Then, to confuse matters a little more, their are two different fits in the formal shirts.

1/Camden Fit. This is a skinny fit, similar to the Soho fit. The cut looks really sharp, but I would suggest to most of our customers that they go up a size.

2/ Kings Fit. This is slim fitting, but far more forgiving than the Campden fit. Most blokes will look good in this fit as long as they dont try to squeeze into too small a size.

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