Brum Beat Special

Brum Beat Mod Night

So Saturday night I took myself off into Digbeth in Birmingham for the Brum Beat Special, having just only got back into the scene, or should I say trying to, more about that later !!. I wasn't sure what to expect, so dressed accordingly, Mod enough for those who know, but understated enough to go somewhere else and blend in should the night turn out rubbish. Well my fears were unfounded.  As I walked into the place, I felt like the guy from Quantum Leap, one minute your in 2012 Birmingham, next Birmingham circa 1980, it was just as I remembered the 80's at the Outrigger and Barrel Organ, and the music was excellent, the clothes, the hair and of course the girls!

I saw the posing still goes on (I should know I was one of the dandies in the 80's), but it was great, it was the side of the Mod scene I loved the most, much as I loved my Lambretta back in the day, given the choice of which would I prefer, the night life or the scooters and parkas then the night life wins every time.


It really was a great night, it wasn't just fancy dress either, as a lot of 60's nights can be, it was true Mods, living the life, some older some younger, but who cares, it was like minded people enjoying a great sub culture, the likes of which has no equal.
I bumped into old friends, including Tony Reynolds the Outrigger DJ and was having a chat with him, he told me of the Outrigger reunion bash, two months away, which brings me to the whole point of this article.


I collected all the flyers on the tables, and must admit I was disappointed, that considering Birmingham is the second city, just how little was going on, it seems I have to travel all round the country to get to a Mod night. Now am I missing out, is there a scene I dont know about, or is it as it seems very fragmented and unorganized, or is everyone just to old now to cope with a night out once a week. Now rapidly approaching my 50th birthday, I still want to party while Im still young (stop laughing).

So if anyone knows something I dont concerning the Birmingham scene, let me know, I would love to see more going on.

I have seen a few mod style guys in a bar called Reflex, younger guys and girls too, right in the middle of the Birmingham night life scene on Broad Street, which is primarily 80's music and does bring back certain memories of the mod scene in the 80s, as we blended with the music of the day at such places as Peppermint Place and Pollyanna's.

The only other place I went to was advertised on Mod Gen, a DJ with all original 45's on a deck, however I was the only one in there resembling a Mod and not so pissed I couldn't stand or help falling into the DJ.

So peeps, lets bring Mod to a new generation, and if they want to buy those wind up scooters then let them, they are still scooters, just 2012 scooters, and if they want Paul Weller haircuts, then fine, Mod is a state of mind, a set of values the rest of modern culture does not have, but thats just my opinion !

Anyway this is Chris your roving reporter, reporting live for the Mod Generation

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  • Hi Pid, no need for thanks mate , it was a brill night, loved it, I was just glad to see I wasn't the only old git. I saw on here the night at Moseley Arms, I shall be there.

     I have an idea about more possible gigs, I will message you, and give you the rundown and see what you think.

  • Hi Chris, 1st of all thanks for the kind words about the Brum Beat night, as I was the organiser of  this event, it's nice to hear some positive things.... As for other nights on offer in Brum there's a Mod R&B night I put on called What Goes On that runs every 2 to 3 months or so it's at a place called The Moseley Arms in the Digbeth area of Brum, the music policy is current r&b/soul faves, a few newies & a few oldies ( details are in the events guide on here and in Modculture ). Anyway thanks again for your kind words, just thought I'd put you in the picture and hopefully see you there !

    Cheers Pid.

  • Cheers Mick thats one to try out.

  • They do a good mod night at the stein bar in Walsall first friday of the month...!!!!!-A-NIGHT-OF-ALL-THINGS-MO...

  • No i haven't mate ..i live in Devon and travel all over the country for Mod do's....i think the next time i'm in Brum will be for The Untouchables Mod weekender at the start of June....cheers

  • Hi Paul, yes it was a good night. There is another bash on this weekend " Club A Go Go at the Victoria, have you been to that one?

  • Hi Chris i was at Brum Beat...excellent night with top tunes and a very Smart Mod crowd...

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