Club A-Go Go, Birmingham

Last Saturday I took myself off to Club A-Go Go held in Birmingham city centre at the Victoria pub.  Now the flyer on here said get there early as it is popular and gets full, so I did.  The club is held upstairs and wasn't open just yet, but in the pub was a mixture of Mods and locals, so I sat and surveyed the scene for a while, having grabbed the only seat I could see. As the place filled I could see more and more Mods coming in, all ages, again no scooters or Parka's though, all suits and haircuts, as it was the previous week at the Brum Beat Special.

That night there was a band playing, DC Fontana, a band that has quite a following apparently. Anyway as 9pm approached people were making their way upstairs, time for me to get in there, and let the good times begin.
First impression of the place made sense of the 'get there early' suggestion, it was tiny, I have had girlfriends with bigger wardrobes, not only that, there was no seating at all, everyone had to stand, however I found a nice place to lean, not far from the bar, mind you no matter where you stood you were never far from the bar !

Tiny as it was it filled with mods of all ages and was buzzing in no time. The event is organized by Aceface, who hold a few bashes around birmingham, and have a good following themselves.

In no time at all the dance floor was full, as I propped up the wall, it was turing into a good night, memories of the eighties again, although there were a lot of younger people in, so it would seem Mum and Dad's Mod lifestyle is rubbing off, which is great news, one guy in particular who seemed a bit offended when I said he and his girlfriend were looking cool for such a youngster. LOL only young compared to me he could have been in his 30's, hard to tell in the dark without glasses on and a few drinks making their way round my system. It was a mix of styles, I am 80s style which copied the 60's style relatively closely, then there was the Paul Weller haircut Mods, a newer generation, and some real youngsters into the music and clothes, looks like it could be a big scene again.

So, anyway, as I am enjoying the atmosphere and tapping my feet, a guy steps up to me and said "Are you Chris?", as I stepped back to try and focus, there was one of my old mates from the eighties Steve who had come along with another couple of my mates from that time, Doug and Tim, we are talking nearly 30 yrs since I seen them last and recognized them straight away.

So it would seem the Mod scene in Birmingham is alive and well, if a little fragmented, but on further chatting, it seems a few others from that time are out and about, so we swapped numbers and will be keeping in touch, so we can stay informed of Mod nights.

I bumped into Tony the Outrigger DJ again and was asking him exactly how big the scene was, as he handed out flyers for the Outrigger reunion bash, he said it was getting bigger as did the boys I had just bumped into, however said that some times Mod nights/ Northern Soul/ etc clash with each other, which while still in its infancy should be avoided.

In conclusion though, this was another well organized night and was well enjoyed by myself and the rest. Maybe a bigger venue, but that will hopefully come, so until the next time KTF.
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  • i used to go to the outrigger in the 80s and i still do wear a parka.thanks it was a gd read and nice to know its still alive and growing ktf ...


  • Cheers Paul, I couldn't find anywhere this weekend, strictly Mod related apart from a pub not far away that has bands on every week, This week it was a girl group called "Baby Love" a tribute band to the girl bands of the sixties, very sexy, had all the right moves. I will post another article ASAP.

  • Another excellent review Chris..
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