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So if any of you are looking for a Mod night  with a difference then look no further than Club Mojo at the Bear Tavern in Bearwood, Birmingham.

First off it is run by Colin from RETROSOUNDSDJ who does a few gigs in and around Birmingham, so the music is pure Mod/sixties, all played on vinyl, the difference is the night is advertised on a well known Dating Site,  (Plenty Of Fish), which means lots of people turn up, who, may not necessarily be into the Mod scene, but are lovers of the music, and of course  "single" and hoping to "pull".

The first one went down a storm, the venue is great and can hold 160 -180 people, in two rooms, with plenty of seating for all. The Bear Tavern itself is an old building with a distinct 60's feel but nicely maintained and is only a few miles from the city centre in Bearwood. The function room where the night is held is upstairs away from the rest of the pub, complete with big screen which was showing the dances and the stars from the era to give that atmosphere of the 60's.

Maybe many of you feel that this is not what you want from a " Mod night " in Birmingham, but considering just how few Mod nights there are, the chances are this will be held every month. Much as I would love the scene to be as it was in the 80's when I was a teenager, it's not, and I am no longer a teenager, but the music will never die. However the place was packed and everyone was having a great time, with the added bonus of, actually meeting someone to flirt and dance with, just like in the 80's, and 60's I suppose, I was only 2 yrs old at the height of the 60's Mod scene.

Like any night out though, it has to be worth the trouble of putting it on, so this one does rely on the numbers turning up from the dating site, which has the other added bonus of it having FREE admission, yep thats right FREE to get in.

So yes, a good night was had by all, not all dressed as Mods, but it introduced a few more to what we all know the Mod/60's scene can be, brilliant !! whether we're older or not. So the more of us Mods there are the more it will rub off. Although the average age was 35+ there were a few young folks, particularly the Northern Soul dancers, I would cripple myself if I tried some of that spinning, nowadays, but you know how it is folks, none of us feel that old, right!, just teenagers with 30 years experience.

The next one is on Friday the 27th July from 8pm till 12.30, so not to late for us old gits who have to get up the next day. So give it a try what you got to lose !!  FREE ADMITTANCE.

You can contact Colin at the Retro Sounds web site.


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