French Boutik and The Most - Paris 27Nov2015

Memorial day for the events of 13th November, countless Tricolours graced balconies and other improvised available spaces, armed police stood in groups on corners outside cafe's; aside from that Paris got on with its main business - enjoying life. La Mechanique Ondulatoire is a regular live music venue (24 days out of the 30 available in November) tucked away in a side street and occupying three floors with the live music space in the cellar, a very cavern-esque setting with exposed stone arch walls, the stage at one end and bar at the other. They also have a generous happy-hour with two cocktails for 10Euro, so the scene was nicely set. I've seen French Boutik before (gigged with them in June) and was looking forward to catching them again and seeing The Most for the first time. The venue buzzed in excitement and anticipation, as both bands mingled and I quickly learned there would be new material debuting in the French Boutik set. Excellent. There are few better ways to spend an evening than dancing in a hot sound tunnel to the smoothest coolest band on their home turf. Wonderful stuff and straight into the batch of new songs, all oozing that French Boutik feel, swirling Hammond (provided by stand-in keyboarder Oliver Taraud) Serge's aggressively edged Rickenbacker, Zelda moon-ish (but without the chaos) playing with the vacuum between the beats and Jean-Marc pining it all down but with movement, Gabriela's vocals flow over this like honey with Zelda and Serge backing and the whole thing is irresistible. The new ones seamlessly move into selections from the three double-single sets already released, including the highly appropriate Ici Paris and End Of The Line with its gloriously psychedelic coda, both superb covers (reinterpreted and rewritten in French: Madness - Tiptoes & The Clash - Cities Of The Dead) and all too soon ending with Facile from their latest release. More please!
An interlude and Sweden's finest beat-surf-garage The Most take the stage. I'd seen them on video before but not live and the video simply does not do them justice, they pound
out energy and the venue suits them this kind of music is made for cellars. Energy and Delivery is where garagesurfbeat scores points and The Most get plenty. There's is a merseysound side to them too in the harmonies - not a guitar based pun Magnus and Martin!. Throwing in a couple of really well known covers (What I'd Say and Louie Louie) can be a stumbling block inviting a start-play-stop rendition, but not here they both sounded fresh and even Louie Louie (I'm big a fan of The Sonics version it out Kinks The Kinks) brings something new to the cave, along with the fantastically inspired lunacy of Spiderman, a fuzzsaw instrumental with a repeated single word lyric, inserted wrist gesture and 'Fssssssssh' web-shoot noise. A great set and a great night. And, yes I bought the album.

After gig an exodus to the groundfloor bar with DJset and more mingling. Live music is where its at. this is the way its supposed to be.

Both bands are on Copasetic Records and can be mail ordered from www.copasetic,de

Icic Paris ici musique.

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