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Being a 15 year old Mod

Recently on this very site I have been reading peoples post who are of a similar age to me complaining about how there is a lack of mods there age near where they live.

when reading these I could completely understand where they were coming from as I

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Gangs of Dublin



Formed in July 2012, Dublin mod band GANGS have been on the rise non-stop since their humble beginnings that short time ago. Gigging actively since 2012, the band's first big step up came via a supporting slot for Palma Violets in Bruxelles,

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To answer the question am I a Mod?

3297255243?profile=originalI recently read a post saying I’m not sure if I’m a mod because I don’t like Northern Soul? So here is my reply…

Firstly It’s not just about the music.

Being a modernist for me is all about style, music, art and the art of being stylish, sexy and cool.

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Why ModFest?

3297258752?profile=originalJames Bibbey & Simon Wady were both born in the late sixties and got into modernism during the revival of the 80s. Dressing handsome and great music have always been central to their lives, and now with excellent new bands like The 45s inspiring the

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The Sha La La's

cover300dpi.jpg?w=640&h=633&width=300I SHOULD really try and add a little more gloss to this review. It’s been written without too much in the way of polish. But somehow that feels the right way to go about it, in keeping with the product itself.

That’s not to say the eagerly-waiting deb

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Soul Ballads

Any choice of songs is obviously personal.

There are some you can dance to and some where you can't. 

There are some that can remind you of someone and some that, well, just make you feel plain good. 

So, here are a few that do all those things for me a

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