Lock-in : The Scene Club 1981

For anyone that can remember it, the long dark room you passed before you entered into the dance hall of the club? Anyways, it served its purpose if you managed to get a drink passed the door (pope) or where lucky enough to get a snog from a young bird.Okay, i dont remember the details in full except drinking like a maddie in the lane behind the scene !!! So, to cut this one short - daft arse - thats me, flaked it in the carvernous place mentioned . I surfaced early next morning in much dismay wae nae booze or fags to survey (no license u see) and deftly climbed oot the windae onto the roof onto Oswald Street.Shit ! I couldnt for the life of me figure out how to get doon fae that f'in roof. Spider senses tinglying i realised that i was pretty much fucked. Looking at the pavment below - it must have been a good 15 to 20 feet to dreep down to terra firma. Eventually plucking up enough courage i hung over the roof of the chippy next tae the 1/4 gill pub and dropped ....Hobbling along to the band stand 6:00 am, summer morning, I rested my swollen ankle which was out like a balloon. Nae busfare either, the long walk home begun........
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  • Ah,Eddie for me the Scene Club was a massive part of the Mod scene in those days, have a lot of great memories of the place. It felt like going back in time when you stepped through the doors the, the sounds the style.When it shut its doors it was the beginning of the end for the Mod scene as we knew it then.
  • I remember pricie got a slagging .He bout a blue parker . Felt cool then went to the band stand every one took the piss .He got so drunk he ended up not giving a fuck.
  • The band stand It was a great place to go to before you went to the s club. For a drink and just to meet every one . The night started at the band stand .
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