Me and the attraction


Here was me a spotty 16 yr old, into punk, when I believe I watched the 'London Weekend Show' with toothy Janet Street Porter, one Sunday morning - talking about these things called 'mods' I was immediately smitten, all my mates were punks or skins and I wanted to be different.



I bought my first scooter off an old man for the princely sum off £35. It was a 1959 (I think...) ld 150 in copper and black.  Got it sorted (again, I think) and was on the road - well, for 2 months when it packed up. Now, I did not 'av a clue, but a mate of mine who knew a few people got a bloke round who told me the shaft (wtf?) had gone - but he told me it was fairly rare and gave me £150 for it! Turns out this bloke was the chairman of Lambretta club of Great Britain and lived 12 miles away.


I was well happy and the journey through having Lambretta's began. Never had a vespa - the people I've met always said how reliable they were compared to lambys - but I always stuck to my favourite, lambys, through thick and thin - normally thin! 


Well, I'll move on, still love the music - esp northern soul - but an old git now.  I will never forget the best times of my life, the runs of the early 80's.


Gareth Ridge

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