This is what the people at X Factor have said:

A spokesperson for X Factor said: "The X Factor has been contacted about three different groups called The Risk from different parts of the UK but none of them appear to have sufficient current mainstream recognition to claim the exclusive right to the name."

So what they are saying The Risk (real one) and the others are not trendy enough to claim the name, even if the band like Guernsey originals has been using since it 1984 and released countless records!!!
Yet the fake Risk who have released nothing they think can just steal the name!! Makes me bloody boil!!!




The x factor have finally commented after two weeks! and lets make no mistake we as in The Risk (the real one) forced them to, after fans and supporters from the channel islands and the UK and USA bombarded the X factor site and launched a protest site on facebook. They have decided that there are 3 The Risks that have contacted them and that none of them are 'mainstream enough' to have claim to the name (the two others have not been around for 27 years). I would like a definition of mainstream please. My other band the garage rock and roll band Thee Jenerators have been played on Sky Sports this week 3 times as music to 'the prizefighter' programme, surely that is mainstream? people like sport and people like music as i said before please define? Is Jack White mainstream is Ronnie Wood mainstream was Steve Marriott mainstream (all had history with The Risk or members of the band) is/was Rage against the machine mainstream. I think they were. So now we have a programme like the x factor deciding arrogantly they can dictate public taste with no democracy surely we are watching the wrong 'big brother'.


Yes we are a small mod /powerpop band but we mean't something to people all we want is our name. Some people still have principles!

Thank you, Mark Le Gallez, The Risk for 27 years and counting.



support the real Risk

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