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Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine a band that could capture every element of the mod scene you love, from the 60s to 79, from ska to revival, from Hammond organ to trumpet, be totally rooted in the original 60s mod scene, and yet utterly contemporary…an impossible dream?

In September I found that band. They soon became my favourite new band of 2011-The name? The Method. It was tricky because as you may know I fell in love with very few bands over the years. It’s rare for any support act to have me gushing like a teenager, and only The Vals and The Shoestrung had me excited enough to write a review and recco.  The Method was a band I knew zero about and leading up to the welsh gig for Secret Affair at The Factory in Porth. I confess I didn’t even have time to research them…so I stood waiting for Secret Affair to perform and suddenly the moment happened, The Method hit the stage like some iconic Mod heroes captured from decades past. Smart. Suited and booted. Cool and sharp mod haircuts. These guys literally owned the stage -from the very first number they had everyone’s attention-even the hardest mod ska geezer next to me couldn’t help but acknowledge their greatness. These boys have all the grit and determination of the youthful Small Faces and the aggression of The Who yet retain the youth and energy of a young mod cult band-from the brass to the rhythm section, they have it all.

Their debut album ‘Dissident & Dancers’ is powerful and dancey, hypnotic and trancey  and drags you into its world from  the very first track ‘Your Humble Entertainers’ reminiscent of The Specials and early Blur and yet unique and utterly new. ‘The Gatekeeper ‘sends you into a world of the early mod R n B scene era with a vibe created for dancers of every genre.  ‘Whip Around’ is more contemporary and familiar with powerful drumbeats and horns that resonate in your head for days and days…catchy beats and iconic vocals-this could be their anthem..but the band live? My oh my you begin to fall in love with this band when you see them perform on stage.  These guys are heads above the rest and deserve to go far.

My favourite track off the album played that night? For me it was hard to pick just one track (unusual) ‘Consider This Your Warning’ has all the aggressive edge of The Yardbirds with the wailing of The Specials Ghost Town vibe about it and yet has a contemporary edge that just has you moving and dancing however reluctantly. I haven’t stopped playing this album since the band gave me a copy, it’s the power chords and Hammond, it’s the brassy brass-yes I am raving about this band… I defy you not to get on your feet for ”We Don’t Know” this is a number that had me hooked and hearing the trumpets in my head for weeks after.

Trust me you will fall in love with the Rich’s vocals the catchy numbers and the passion of The Method.  This band can write great numbers and they know who they are and where they want to go. Look out for these guys on FaceBook, listen to their album, and make time to see them-you too will be addicted.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.



Listen to The Method and visit their Band Page


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  • yes, the Method

  • Thanks for the tip-off, enjoyed the tracks on The Methods Facebook page. Any news on a cd or gigs?

  • The Method played The Cavern last year as past of the I.P.O. music event. Brilliant live, brilliant album.

  • these guys are great! thanks for pointing them out for me! feels so much like the who or the jam!

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