The Mojo Club, 2nd Bash

After last months first Club Mojo you never know if its going to be any good the second time round. What with kids off school, taking the parents spare cash and an opening ceremony for the Olympics on the same night, could this one be as good?. Well, thankfully, there seems to be enough olympic hating, no dependents, people out there because it was another good turnout from the dating site as well as music lovers from the locality.

Again, there were not many Mods as such, but then I dont think there are that many in Birmingham anyway - prove me wrong please!!         

However, there was lots of dancing drinking and flirting so I was happy. It looks like it will be a regular venue, at least once a month, possibly more if the numbers grow, and it remains free to get in. The Bear Tavern is only three miles from the city centre along Hagley road, in Bearwood, and although Im used to events held in the city centre, it's not that far out.

Colin from retrosoundsdj played all the good tunes we know and love, even if there were a few "out of era" tunes requested, but a nice stream of Brit Pop, Motown Northern soul, that has become the staple diet of Mod.

So, yes, another good night, and as the tunes are all on vinyl, the memories of the eighties were in my thoughts, although it was a taxi rather than a scooter taking me home. I for one will be at the next one which will be on Friday 31st Aug, but Im sure Retrosounds will be putting a post here on Mod Generation nearer the time.

 It would be nice to see some of the Brummy Mods in attendance, but as I said in my last article, maybe the mixing of Mods and public is not your idea of a Mod night, but it's got to be better sitting at home watching Quadrophenia again.  Personally, I like it and dont forget, for any single Mods out there, most people are single that come and as the song says "every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man" (a song from the future my psychic tell me, as this is only 1964 right?...Zed Zed Tops apparently, sound like he could be one of the Four Tops, who knows?)

The night is about the music though and there are not many places that can get over a hundred through the door, for the great tunes of the era that was the early sixties, and that's no reflection on the other guys who organize Mod nights in Birmingham, the dating site is somewhat of a cheat, but it fills the place, and without my specs on and a few drinks in, everyone's a Mod to me, so I will see you there, I will be the one being stretchered off the dance floor after the Northern Soul tunes.

You can contact Colin at the Retro Sounds web site.


Chris your roving reporter.


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