Terry Webster was EMI recording artiste Tony Brook in 1964 and writer of MEANIE GENIE. At the same time Terry (Tony) was also The WES MINSTER 5  lead singer and bass player on 'MICKEYS MONKEY b/w STICKS N STONES on the CARNIVAL Blue Beat label. Shame no videos of those days. The Wes Minster band couldn't even afford photos. Wes was so tight he deducted the price of marker pens from our wages. These were used to write 'Wes Minster 5' around his Volkswagon caravanette that transported us.

EMI boobed with the  title of the B side Oo Poo Pa Do....and avertised another guys record with my picture........Help!!





My long forgotten song Meanie Genie was heavily influenced by Ray Charles and seems to have been recognised as a Mod era classic according to Internet sites. Never earned me a penny as EMI deleted it after poor sales. 3,000 was the usual figure for a flop.

When we were based in London in the early 60's my sister was a quite well known singer Patti Brook so I decided Terry Brook would be better sounding name than my real name Webster.  EMI producer Norman Newell decided Tony would sound less girlish than Terry  .......hence Tony Brook. Uh?

THE BREAKERS were really rhythm blues band WES MINSTER 5 of which I was lead singer and bass player at the time 1964. We played all the places that mattered The MARQUEE  100 CLUB OXFORD STREET,  KLOOKS KLEEK...Stringfellows MOJO club Sheffield

I was spotted by producer Norman Newell at Abbey Road studios as we did a session for a sax player friend of Wes Minster who had written an instrumental. I sang 'Oo Poo Pa Doo' as a sound check. Norman was bowled over at my vocal delivery and just about signed me on the spot. Later disappointed at my quietness as a normal guy from Yorkshire.  My manager asked  "Could you bubble more for Norman?" I didn't want to bubble thanks as I began to dislike Normans dated ideas... He and the management put me out on TV's THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS without a band or a bass guitar in my hands.

Wes Minster Five line up1964: Vocals and Bass guitar Tony Brook alias Terry Webster Jim Ellis drums  Paul Martin Raymond  keys Clive Burrows baritone sax  Wes Minster guitar     Blue Beat label Carnival was aimed at the London West Indian/Carribean market.

The WES MINSTER 5 did sessions for Carnival records and we were the second line up to the original band. They were buddies with the ZOOT MONEY band. My first encounter of Zoots band was sharing the stage at an open air gig on Weymouth pier one wet rainy summer evening. A faithful few were determined to enjoy themselves braving the weather and stomping in puddles to the beat. Zoot was good laugh and great showman. My bedsit in Fulham next to the A4 was a stones throw from the Zoot band digs. Zoot enticed our sax man Clive Burrows to join him. Their guitarist at the time was ANDY SOMERS (POLICE). I was invited to sing my record O0 Poo Pa Do with them on stage at the Flamingo Club.  Never been so nervous in my life. The drink and drugs didn't work and found myself repeating the chorus over and over as I had a mental block. The band assured me it was okay but I was embarrassed and left.

Andy gleefully rung me after my EMI record release to say that a record shop window in Fulham High Street was crammed with my pictures.'Fame At Last!! I rushed excitedly down there to find my pictures advertising 'Latest record release!  Simon  Somebodyorother? latest record! ???   I returned to my bedsit deflated and annoyed that the great EMI could be so incompetent to get my pictures mixed up with this Simon guy.  Andy found it amusing as a 'Gotyer!' but at the same time sympathetic at my bad luck. Even he was a poor struggling musician at that time.

Mods were a quite a new bunch to us over 19's  although I may have had Mod tendencies as early as 1960. Up in Yorkshire  I owned a Lambretta motor scooter at 16 rather than a motorbike. In '63 Glen Hughes our 'JETBLACKS' sax  man got me into the fashion of 3 button Ivy League suits with huge button down shirt collars a la Dean Martin.  Glen fancied himself as Dino as he had thick blue black hair.  He later joined Georgie Fame but died in a tragic fire accident.

I first saw a small bunch of these new Mods huddled in the corner of discoteque called The SCENE just off Great Windmill Street in Soho 1963/4 where I was a regular listener rather than dancer.  That is where I heard The Isley Brothers ' TWIST N SHOUT' that blew me away.  If I had got that contract with EMI sooner would have been my first single and a surefire hit. I bought the American import disc of Twist n Shout from a small record shop on Old Compton Street before the record had ever been heard over here. Raid the American charts before they got released here, that is how most bands got in the top 10 in those days.   I would include Twist n Shout  in our JETBLACKS (Pre Wes Minster 5) dance set 3 times in a night and people went crazy for it every time....... missed opportunity!   DO YOU LOVE ME The Contours another one and then OOH POO PA DO that was my B side to my own song MEANIE GENIE maybe should have been A Side but Wes Minsters guitar solo was a bit weak (Sorry Brian) and I would have been embarrassed with it.  Wes was a jazz guitarist so not suited to gutsy blues stuff.  I remember we were support band at an allnighter at THE MARQUEE for LONG JOHN BALDRY AND THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE MEN FEATURING ROD 'THE MOD' STEWART. As the bands packed up at dawn Long John threw a tantrum followed by a chair across the empty club room.... Not sure why?.Maybe his Heartaches had begun.......Now that was a SCENE!

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