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Described as VERY '60s...1660s, 1760s, 1860s and, yes, even 1960s The Steppes were originally formed as a powerpop trio in 1982 by brothers John and David Fallon with drummer Eddie Grzyb under the name, "The Blue Macs." There were five demos that were recorded and given a brilliant review in Melody Maker in March of '83. John and David relocated from Dublin to Los Angeles and added Tim Gilman to the line up. The name of the band was now changed to The Steppes. They recorded 8 songs that were released by Mystic Records in Hollywood February of '84. James Bailey became the drummer shortly after. The Steppes gigged in Los Angeles and around southern California from 1983-1985. John and David fallon returned to Ireland for several months. Greg Shaw of Bomp Records signed The Steppes to a multi-album deal after the Steppes played one show at Greg's Cavern club in Hollywood near the Capital Records building. The Steppes then recorded Drop of the Creature LP in west Los Angeles in '86. the album was realeased in '87. The Steppes then recorded the Stewdio LP in '87 in Hollywood. The album was released in '88. John Fallon played guitar on a Dementia 13 album called "Disturb the Air" which came out in '88. The same year, the Steppes toured Europe. They played shows in England, Belgium, Germany, and Greece. After the tour, they recorded 'Enquire Within' in London. The Steppes then did 22 shows plus a TV appearance in Greece in '89. The Enquire Within album resulted with a second and larger European tour in October. There were 30 shows in England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, and Holland. After the tour, they returned to London to record 'Harps and Hammers' in December of '89 and January of '90. To be continued...


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Watch more on the YouTube channel, "SteppesTV"....41 videos and London, Hollywood, Berlin, Athens, Antwerp, Stuttgart, Ireland....all over the damn place!!!


The Steppes' facebook page...."like" it now, baby!


Catch a review of John Fallon's NEW solo 7" 45 rpm vinyl single...Picture Yourself Today



"Picture Yourself Today" is a haunting guitar ballad with a psychedelic influence...this new single is a return to the past glories of The Steppes."


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