The trouble with Speakeasy

Speakeasy - Trouble

It would be no exaggeration to label Speakeasy a mod supergroup. They are a potent combination of members from some of the best mod groups to have ever walked down the Kings Road, with Mark Le Gallez on Vocals (THE RISK / THEE JENERATORS), Simon Stebbing on Guitar (THE PURPLE HEARTS / RT4 / HEARTS ON FIRE), Brett 'Buddy' Ascott on Drums (THE CHORDS / THE RAGE / POPE) and Ian Jones (long Tall Shorty/The Affair) on Bass. And, as if that wasn't enough to prove their mod credentials, previous contributors to the band have included Fay Hallam, Hammond organ (MAKIN' TIME / PRIME MOVERS / FAY HALLAM TRINITY) Mike 'Ace' Evans (THE ACTION / MIGHTY BABY)  and the ubiquitous Mic Stoner (RT3 / POPE) on Bass.

The cd blasts out the speakers with a few tracks that could have come straight off any one of the mod revival era albums you have tucked away in your collection. And it's no surprise that the sound of power chords prevail throughout this album but it's more rhythmic points like "It doesn't matter to me" "Train to Glory" and in particular "Inspiration" that really stand out - proving that these guys aren't just delving into their past but are creating a new sound for today's audience that has lived through mod revival and Britpop and come out the other end looking for trouble - which they've may just have found!

Get hold of Trouble by Speakeasy through Heavy Soul

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