To answer the question am I a Mod?

I recently read a post saying I’m not sure if I’m a mod because I don’t like Northern Soul? So here is my reply…

Firstly It’s not just about the music.

Being a modernist for me is all about style, music, art and the art of being stylish, sexy and cool. I consider myself as being a progressive Mod, the Zero point One percent on the planet that pushes the envelope and creates something new and exciting like ModFest.  

Paul Jobling and David Crowley called the mod subculture a "fashion-obsessed and hedonistic cult of the hyper-cool"

My philosophy is that Modernism tips its hat to the greats that have gone before and then envelops and evolves all that is great about music, art & fashion and Modernises, it pushes the envelope by creating something new, but with a great expectation of what that something is? Because of its heritage. The past is the past; we still love it, the historic Mod music, art & fashion is the worlds to enjoy, but ours to use as a bench mark to create our new Mod future.

I believe you have to have great taste, but also make a lasting impression on the people that you meet, not just by being the coolest of the cool, but by giving out that confidence of knowing who you are and what you stand for! The best part of being a Mod for me is the art of helping others while maintaining my cool, dressing handsome and looking great.

I feel that a mod should be that one person, that Zero.1% that people tell their friends about, that guy or girl that stands out from the crowd and that Mod who can inspire the next generation of Mod’s! That is what makes us the faces in the crowd.

That is what it means to me to be a Mod and that is why ModFest is a festival that, by design is for all the family! It does not matter if you are Mod or not! Mod’s are not (as Sir Bradley Wiggins has shown to the world) just a bunch of Parka wearers. Mod is the pinnacle of good taste and all great Mods push the envelope on fashion, music and art, Mod is a sub culture aimed at being "cool, neat, sharp, hip, and smart" by embracing "all things sexy and streamlined", especially when it is new, exciting, controversial or modern. Brighton ModFest is a chance to show off what it is to be Mod to the rest of the world.

What I have seen over the last year while working with my good friend Simon and booking new talent for ModFest is that modernism is very much alive and the next mod generation have a lot to offer us.

New young bands like The45s, Sisteray, The Tones, The Spitfires, The Assist and The Order will be performing, and by giving these bands a chance to play to the masses, plus with having Dress Handsome Sunday and the Scooter Run through Brighton to. I hope that ModFest will go a little way to helping Modernism constantly push that envelope.

All the artist at ModFest will be performing their own songs, plus I’m sure there will be some spectacular covers to. We need your support to make this festival a success not only this special year, but every year! and that is why our sponsors MERC clothing have agreed to extend the discount code to the 14th of February just use MERC2014 for 20% off the list price today

We are also holding free mini gig on the world famous Brighton Pier Sat 18th Jan at 2:30pm follow us on twitter for all the latest news @ModFest2014

I have had quite a few reservations in posting this article? But I said to myself J! Keep the Faith modernism is all about acceptance and progression.

KTF! & be part of the Zero.1% 


PS. As Matt Berry said on the ModCast.  ModFest is a celebration of 50years of clean living under difficult circumstances. (love it Matt thanks)

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