UK's first festival?

The end is nigh!!! A disturbing memory was a gang of us jumping in a motor and going to this 'happening' at Woburn. We gatecrashed (as you do) as no way we were paying!

What a disturbing event. Lots of weird hippies around and quite a fewdisorientated looking mods! Than there was the music!!! Some of our favourite bands (at least they had been) - the small faces - zoot money - eric burden etc - all dressed like numpties and playing some weird psychedelic s***e!  I remember flowers being dropped from a hot air balloon and most disturbing of all was the sight of ex world boxing champion Terry Downes swanning about in a kaftan with headband, shades and beads (although he had a customary cigar on the go!) .

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  • That is some claim to fame - named after Stevie Marriot! Went to the Cally a couple of times in early seventies - great venue featuring top US acts.
  • She was from a village near Woburn John, and was a mod in the sixties before becoming a flower child! She was a dancer at the California ballroom and dated Steve Marriott for a bit. I’m named after him.
  • Stevo - Wow!!!
  • My mum is in the bottom photo.
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