not been on here long .reading a lot of posts about style .fashion looking got me thinking when you finish work .fight the traffic back home .how do you unwind after your working day .i put on a jazz cd .change into my joggers and baggy jumpér .have a small whiskey and just listen to the cd .... so what clothes do you change into and what chills your soul ..
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  • Pjs and dressing gown. Leather slippers. Beebop jazz and a glass of red or port.
  • Nice post,like you I just put on something comfortable..musically speaking it might be Jazz-Soul-Standards,as long as it chills me out it's all good.
  • After a day in the swamp -I flop in my chair and listen to whatever -too much jazz sends me to the land of Z .Television was thrown over the hedge -enjoy a mega playlist .
    Rum but not on a school night .
    Clothes strictly optional
  • I can't for the life of me let on what clothers I change into,hahaha! But some quality vinyl sure helps. Glas of wine too. Dry Rosé for me. A good book in the evening.
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