not been on here long .reading a lot of posts about style .fashion looking sharp.it got me thinking when you finish work .fight the traffic back home .how do you unwind after your working day .i put on a jazz cd .change into my joggers and baggy jumpér .have a small whiskey and just listen to the cd .... so what clothes do you change into and what chills your soul ..
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  • Pjs and dressing gown. Leather slippers. Beebop jazz and a glass of red or port.
  • Nice post,like you I just put on something comfortable..musically speaking it might be Jazz-Soul-Standards,as long as it chills me out it's all good.
  • After a day in the swamp -I flop in my chair and listen to whatever -too much jazz sends me to the land of Z .Television was thrown over the hedge -enjoy a mega playlist .
    Rum but not on a school night .
    Clothes strictly optional
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