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The Girl On A Scooter

A forth book is now added to my original trilogy of Mod stories and is available now on Amazon Kindle, 'The Girl On A Scooter.'
Matt Cowan, a young pharmacist and one of the original North London Mods was being transferred to Basidon in Essex to take

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UK's first festival?

The end is nigh!!! A disturbing memory was a gang of us jumping in a motor and going to this 'happening' at Woburn. We gatecrashed (as you do) as no way we were paying!

What a disturbing event. Lots of weird hippies around and quite a fewdisorientated

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Three Mods: We fight on the beaches

I have recently put my three Kindle books originally available on Amazon ,

August ’64 Extended

The Summer Of ‘64

Bird’s Eye View

 And s are now combined in this paperback edition available through Amazon,. Three Mods: we will fight on the beaches


The even

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NME No More!

During my early teenage years, I used to ride my sunshine yellow BSA Javelin through the mean streets of Abronhill in Cumbernauld with a Daily Record shoulder strap bag weighing me down with the up-to-the-minute latest news for the early risers, and

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Summer of '64

My wife of fifty years a beautiful Mod girl was killed in a tragic accident last weekend, she was my inspiration and a true Mod until the very end. I will put on Mod Generation a very short story of how we met written in the depth of my darkness but

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Summer of '64

My second Mods and Rockers novella  'Summer of '64' is now available on Kindle Amazon.

Clacton during Easter Bank Holiday in 1964 had been the coldest on record for over 100 years and a thoroughly dismal weekend but now as Whitsun approached the weath

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not been on here long .reading a lot of posts about style .fashion looking got me thinking when you finish work .fight the traffic back home .how do you unwind after your working day .i put on a jazz cd .change into my joggers and baggy jump
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Vespa 150 TAP

I somehow must have missed this Vespa in our local showroom in Southend on Sea in the 1960's, where it most certainly would had an effect on the local rockers!!!!!!!!


The Vespa 150 TAP is an Italian Vespa scooter modified to transport a M20 75 mm reco

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