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Mojo 3


Well it was third time round for The Mojo Club, at the Bear Tavern, and it was another exceptionally good night, with a few more guys and girls from the Birmingham Mod scene turning up along with the daters from the Dating site and everyone had a gre

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Baby Love

3297244177?profile=originalThis weekend found me at The Knights Quest pub in Blackheath on the outskirts of Birmingham. It is a regular venue for bands and has something on every week. As there was nothing going on in the city centre (well not that I could find) I took myself

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Me and the attraction


Here was me a spotty 16 yr old, into punk, when I believe I watched the 'London Weekend Show' with toothy Janet Street Porter, one Sunday morning - talking about these things called 'mods' I was immediately smitten, all my mates were punks or skins

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The Last Resort (Scoots, Suits & Boots)

3297245332?profile=originalI was thinking today about how times have changed in retail since I bought my first harrington and docs as a 15 year old back in 1978. I then recollected a year or so later having my first job (16 year olds with jobs ! , well some things definately h

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