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Mojo 3


Well it was third time round for The Mojo Club, at the Bear Tavern, and it was another exceptionally good night, with a few more guys and girls from the Birmingham Mod scene turning up along with the daters from the Dating site and everyone had a gre

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Mikey Tenner's Scene Club Selection


 My record list from The Scene Club...

The Markeys - Last Night
Hank Jacobs - So Far Away
Slim Harpo - King Bee
Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog
Charlie & Inez Foxx – Mockingbird
John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom Boom
James Brown - Night Train
Wilbert Harrison - L

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Baby Love

3297244177?profile=originalThis weekend found me at The Knights Quest pub in Blackheath on the outskirts of Birmingham. It is a regular venue for bands and has something on every week. As there was nothing going on in the city centre (well not that I could find) I took myself

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The Urges

Fire Burning!

3297246902?profile=originalThe Urges, from Dublin, have been around since 2007, playing an energetic and exciting brand of garage rock and thrilling audiences with their live shows.

However, not being the types to plod along playing the same old sounds, they have

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Me and the attraction


Here was me a spotty 16 yr old, into punk, when I believe I watched the 'London Weekend Show' with toothy Janet Street Porter, one Sunday morning - talking about these things called 'mods' I was immediately smitten, all my mates were punks or skins

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...MOD to Psychedelic...


Described as VERY '60s...1660s, 1760s, 1860s and, yes, even 1960s The Steppes were originally formed as a powerpop trio in 1982 by brothers John and David Fallon with drummer Eddie Grzyb under the name, "The Blue Macs." There

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Living Out Quad in Brum

3297242447?profile=originalThe film Quadrophenia was, as most of you know, a massive influence on the 80's Mod scene, it was our bible on film, we done all that we could relating to the film, here are a few episodes to intrigue you. All this happened in and around Birmingham..

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The Last Resort (Scoots, Suits & Boots)

3297245332?profile=originalI was thinking today about how times have changed in retail since I bought my first harrington and docs as a 15 year old back in 1978. I then recollected a year or so later having my first job (16 year olds with jobs ! , well some things definately h

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